Another gilipollez

It's not all paradise in our  Ciudad del Paraíso.  Malaga has a veritable army of people expert in uncivil behavior.  Journalist Alfonso Vazquez writes about some of them, the chusmones, in his fun book Teoría del majarón malagueño.  Yesterday I witnessed a not untypical example.  I was taking an early evening walk in the neighborhood.  The weather was perfect and there were lots of people out enjoying the day.  I had come down from Paseo de Reding to the Paseo Marítimo and was walking along the rather narrow sidewalk on the interior side, heading towards a crosswalk so I could get over to the Paseo. Traffic was very heavy in both directions.  Four young women were just ahead of me walking towards the same crosswalk. Impatient with the traffic, a motorcyclist came right up onto the sidewalk, instantly turning it into his own private lane and practically killing us in the process.   This so he could advance less than a hundred yards.  Asinine to say the least. Here, a particular case of asininity is una gilipollez, from gilipollas, a jerk or an asshole. Oh well, maybe he'll fall in love and change his ways.  Miracles do happen.

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