Saturday morning

Yesterday I put up a brief entry on Jesús Aguado. That's Jesús on the right, and to his right is José Angel Cilleruelo. This picture was taken in Barcelona on March 15th.  (We're in the patio of the Palacio de los Virreyes, where the famous archive of the Kingdom of Aragon is housed.)  José Angel is a poet and novelist who I met some years ago through our mutual friendship with Rafael Pérez Estrada. His most recent novel, Doménica, is excellent; he also has a wonderful blog. That day in Barcelona we had a fantastic lunch at a traditional Catalonian restaurant in the old Gothic quarter, but of course I can't remember the name right now. José Angel gave us a great tour of those streets around the cathedral.  After lunch we met Jesús' daughter Ada (2), a real cute little girl. Back in Málaga: another rainy morning. Beautiful: we're desperate for the water.  We need a week or two of steady downpours, but that would be asking for a miracle. Right now the water is a nice, dark blue.   Just a few people outside with umbrellas. Quiet. I was thinking of going downtown to the market, but I don't think that's going to happen.

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