Dangerous chapuzas

Yesterday Malaga held its annual half marathon and the weather cooperated–another beautiful day.  I forgot about the event and got in the car around noon to go deliver a bowl of freshly made guacamole to friends Antonio Soler and Maria del Mar Peregrín.  There was no way out of the Malagueta and I was quickly blocked in –absolutely no where to go.  (That's the chapuza–in this casea half-assed job  of preparing a traffic plan.) We were just sitting there for over twenty minutes.  If someone in the neighborhood had needed an ambulance, forget it, they could have died.  The Paseo Maritimo Ciudad de Melilla is a true security problem, a single lane of traffic, surrounded by parked cars on both sides.  It's a tragedy waiting to happen.  Reasonable preparations would have involved emptying the Malagueta of parked cars beginning Saturday night.  And of course, it didn't occur to anyone to warn residents that they would be trapped in their neighorhood.  In any case, what normally would have been a ten minute drive, if that, turned into an hour long odyssey.   I got back just in time to finish making lunch for Juvenal and Alicia.  Bacalao al horno, with a light almond crust and olive paste.  Turned out really nicely.

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