Dumb T-shirts

I've been noticing lots of really dumb t-shirts lately. Or maybe I should say, dumb people wearing t-shirts whose messages they may well not understand. Last night I passed a guy wearing one that read "Keep Drinking Until You Want Me". Funny? (Well, on second thought, it was kind of funny - the guy was none too attractive, so someone was going to have to drink a LOT to reach that point. And then it would be too late.) The other day I saw this one on a young woman: "I Would Love To See This Shirt at the Foot of your Bed". Wow, that would be a nightmare. Almost always in English: "I'm too sexy" (And, "I'm too sexy for my body", whatever that means), "I'm famous", "Smart, Sexy, and Hot", "Fuck Off", "Fuck You", "Why are you staring at me?", "Yes, they are real". And on and on. Maybe these weren't big sellers in English-speaking countries and they ended up in Spain. Many years ago you used to see lots of sports related t-shirts here that had either misspellings or an excess of optimism: "Boston Red Sox, 1986 World Champions". Ouch! Then there were the ones that seem to be pure invention, one supposes with the thought, what the hell, no one's going to understand anyway. I can think of no other explanation for shirts such as "New York Cardinals" or "Minnesota Giants". Oh well, it's more free entertainment as you walk the streets of the city. How are our investments doing today?

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