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There are four big cruise ships in the port this morning and it looks like they've got a little traffic jam going on, but they're working it out. It's an amusing sight because they seem to move in slow motion. The sun is coming up these days right by the tower of the cement factory. Strange contrast. In two or three weeks it will be coming up over the water. Zapatero was in NY yesterday and he said Spain has the world's most solid financial system. I had no idea. Also in NY: in Brooklyn a cop murdered a mentally deranged man with a taser gun. The poor man had lost his marbles and was on a roof above a store, completely naked. Big deal. The guy wasn't responding to the cops' orders to get down. How the hell can he get down from there, especially when it's quite obvious he's gone psycho? All of a sudden one of the cops, one supposes because the guy started swinging some kind of a stick, tasers the poor soul and he falls to the street on his head. And he's dead. That's murder. The video is on the web. Here in Spain more awful cases of domestic violence making the news. Horrible. This week Asun is in Croatia, but we can't communicate too much, so news will have to wait. Asun in Croatia, Daniela in Madrid, Alma and Cristina in Ithaca... Waldo and I are a little decentered. Last year Daniela got to school by walking down Walnut St. Or, more frequently, she would just step out the door and her friend from down the street would come by in a big SUV driven by her mom. Now she walks five minutes to the subway, then switches to a bus that takes her to ballet. After ballet a commuter train takes her to school. After school gets out at 9 pm, it's the subway back to the little apartment. That's a big change for anyone! 

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