Time for Chirimoya

The seasons are not markedly different in Malaga, or so it seems for someone from less temperate climes. But there are certainly seasons, and as strange as it may seem to think 'autumn is in the air' when the sun is still bright and the temperature gets up into the upper eighties in the afternoon, it is no doubt the case. It's just that the signs are not the same. The afternoon light is softer now and the evenings are much cooler. Some of the fruits on the store shelves are not the familiar ones.  The chirimoya are here, a sure sign of fall. (I have no idea what chirimoya is in English, it's a fruit I've seen nowhere other than this coast. OK, I just looked it up-the Collins online dictionary translates it as cherimoya in US English. Big help. Maybe they've got them in California.) Anyway, they are very good, and I like the other translation, which I suppose is British and which I find very descriptive: custard apple. I love mixing in the juice of an orange with it; makes a wonderful dessert. A different kind of sign that summer is about over: the beach is a lot less crowded now. This morning I decided that I need to make an effort to start a morning swim routine. This is probably the best time of year here for the beach- it's not too hot but the water won't get really cold for another couple of months. 

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