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It got almost no attention in US media, but earlier this week McCain revealed a part of himself that is quite discon- certing. It took place during an interview, in English, with a radio station in Miami that broadcasts mainly in Spanish. There were apparently several questions about relations with Latin American countries, then the host, changing topics, asked McCain what the world could expect regarding US relations with Spain in a McCain administration. McCain said he would continue the same policy as Bush. Surprising. Ever since the Spanish government withdrew from the Iraq war (remember, Spain was a founding partner of the 'coalition of the willing') in 2004, Bush's policy towards Spain has been one of infantile silent treatment. Four plus years! No meetings with Zapatero, no responses to repeated requests for appointments in Washington, etc. Context: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero was elected president in 2004 having run on a campaign promise to end Spain's involvement in Iraq, but not Afganistan, where thousands of Spanish troops continue to serve in difficult areas. Opinion polls have consistently found that over 90% of Spaniards were, have been, and continue to be opposed to having any combat troops in Iraq. So the government's position was/is hardly surprising. So neither was it surprising when in April of this year McCain asserted in an interview with El País that were he elected president he looked forward to returning to normal, friendly relations with Spain, a major US ally. And so it was that McCain's interviewer this week was clearly perplexed by the candidate's apparent policy change and his refusal to affirm that he would meet with Zapatero were he elected. The interviewer insisted, rephrasing the question three times. It seemed that McCain was unclear about who he was being asked about and kept his answers in a Latin American context, saying that he would work with friendly countries who support the US, and praising the Mexican government. Gently, the interviewer, again: I'm talking about the President of Spain. Ahh, of course... No, none of that: McCain INSISTED on his talking points, saying he would meet with the presidents of friendly countries.  OK, so let's get this straight- Spain is a NATO ally and a member of the European Union, has had diplomatic relations with the United States for over 200 years... And when the next president of the US takes office next January, Zapatero will be holding the revolving presidency of the EU, the world's largest economy. But John McCain is not a man to go out on a limb.  Hmmm, Spain, European Union... are they our friends? But here's the kicker: McCain's foreign policy advisor, Randy Sheunemann, confirmed that his man's responses were intentional -- he knows who Zapatero is and is not going to commit to an invitation to meet! We're talking about the incoming President of the European Union. Truly extraordinary. And all of this because these brutes will do just anything, and I mean anything, except ever, ever admit to even a moment of confusion, doubt, or, God help us, ignorance. Their arrogance seems to know no bounds. They make pathetic attempts to hide it in great reverence towards God Almighty, God of America. It doesn't seem that McCain was always that way, but he can smell the power and he'll do anything lest it escape him. He's a tired old man. But not to worry, Sarah Palin did get a passport last year. 

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