Waldo For Treasury Secretary!

Waldo went to the canine peluquería yesterday. He got a great shampoo, his ears cleaned, his nails cut. A new man, I mean, a new dog. And you can tell he notices it. He came home feeling proud and refreshed, no doubt. Money well spent. Now, the trick is, how do I relate this to our 700 billion dollar bailout? I don't know if I can do it. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Rather, you can't teach an old knucklehead much of anything. But Daniela is here and that has made for a great weekend. She got the last train out of Madrid Friday night and boy did she look tired when she pulled in. So lots of sleep. And Asun just got back to Madrid from her trip. So, the crisis is on, but so far we are still moving forward. The bailout: I think it's a bad idea. I'd put our resources into helping distressed homeowners refinance. Stretch out those payments, even if it means going to fifty year mortages. And why aren't we talking about the REAL problem: military spending. How about we cut military spending by thirty or forty percent. That might help just a little. Ya think? Let's make amends, put Dick Cheney in jail. (A new campaign slogan: Make thrones for Virgins, not bombs. I'm negotiating the rights with the Obama campaign.)

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